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Already in my school years I have always attached great importance to my appearance.

As I have always been a woman of the world, I wanted to shine not only because of my character, but also because of my appearance - and a central element was always to have beautiful, smooth and velvety skin.

However, it was never as simple as thought - somehow annoying, annoying blemishes remained. As an example, stubble, spots or spider veins are mentioned here - especially the latter was simply unbearable for me and it seemed to me as if I was the only person with this problem when I compared myself to others!

There will probably be a lot of people who don't know anything about the word "spider veins" at first - this problem refers to the small and big blue veins, which are usually located on the thighs - mostly they stand out quite unpleasantly and for me it looks absolutely ugly, especially when you wear short trousers or skirts in summer.

The spider veins, also known as "spider vein varices", are reminiscent of a broom, at least you can imagine it that way - that's where the name comes from, I think.

Spider veins develop when the veins no longer function as they should and the blood accumulates in them - a problem that can occur very often and especially in women.

But not only the visual aspect is annoying and stressful, but also symptoms like "tired legs", pain and itching, sometimes it felt like 1000 needle stitches were running through my body - really super unpleasant!

By the way: Spider veins are, as I realized later on, a preform of the so-called varicose veins and can end up in varicose veins - this had to be absolutely prevented!

With this problem I went to the cosmetician first, then later to a dermatologist - they both assured me that the problem was not aesthetically appealing, but it was harmless. I was also told in confidence that there are many ladies who have the same problem and suffered a lot from the fact that I didn't have to worry about it, especially because it's hereditary and you can't get a good grip on it anyway. Nevertheless, my vanity prevailed and I didn't want anything more than to be able to present my legs without a guilty conscience.

My beautician advised me to undergo laser surgery - but this would probably not be paid for by the health insurance company as it was an aesthetic operation. And out of my own pocket this would have become much too expensive for me! Especially since the surgery offered some risks that I wasn't willing to take.

In addition, I was also shown the possibility of sclerotherapy: an alcohol-containing agent would be injected into my vein so that it would close again properly.

However, I would have found this treatment expensive, especially because it would have to be repeated more often in order to achieve an acceptable result - and I was warned of pain before, after and during the treatment.

So I went on from doctor to doctor, because I was now obsessed with finally getting my spider veins under control and gaining new self-confidence - by now I was already in my early 30s and had tried almost everything.

Until a friend recommended a new doctor who had specialised in alternative treatment methods for his patients - completely without surgery, without a laser, without any high costs, but with complete success.

I went to him immediately and was sceptical at first because of the suggestion he made to me: A so-called varicose veins against spider veins!

Varicose vein? I had never heard or seen that word before, I had to admit, before. What was that, anyway? For me, however, completely new territory, but the doctor gladly took the time to answer all my questions for information in detail and patiently:

The varicose veins against spider veins are available in the pharmacy of trust, the tubes also have to be paid for from your own pocket, but they don't even come at such a high cost as for an operation - they are also available discreetly and can be purchased without much attention. Normally they cost a good 90 Euro, but I was lucky and could buy them for about half of the price.

In addition, the online queues are completely orderable and available, furthermore you can find all important information on the official website: http://www.e2med.com/weiter-zu/varikosette/.

The varicose veins against spider veins come in the form of a care balm, which should have the pleasant additional effect of "covering" the veins, and a K


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